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Lebron James Should Play For This Super Team

Looks like that last link is dead now.  Here is a better one: 

Norm Macdonald on The Buzzer

Discussing the Competitive Eating Scandal:

Predicting the World Cup Champion:

"I will be interviewing [Tom Green] along with my trusty sidekick, Adam Egret.

"It-it’s Eget."



Norm mentioned he was writing a book on his last podcast episode, has anybody heard anything about this? Thanks from a fellow Norm fan

I read an interview just a few weeks ago saying he was getting near the end of writing it, but that’s all I know. We’ll probably have a bit of a wait until it’s out.

holy shit that team coco norm podcast was great!
Team Coco Podcast #137: Norm Macdonald

Norm being interviewed by someone from the Conan Show. Haven’t listened to it yet but I listen to everything with Norm.